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Warning: We consider clean_reads an obsolete project. We are now focusing our efforts in our tool set, seq_crumbs. Not all functionalities of clean_reads have been implemented in seq_crumbs yet, but most are working. If you need anything not yet implemented, please let us know.

clean_reads 0.2.3

clean_reads 0.2.3. Relased on 04-05-2012.

  • updated blast to version 2.2.26
  • updated univec to version 7.0
  • Several bug fixes

clean_reads 0.2.2

clean_reads 0.2.2. Relased on 5-12-2011.


  • Bug fix: Show errors of threads when running with threads
  • Several bug fixes

clean_reads 0.2.1

clean_reads 0.2.1. Relased on 9-05-2011.


  • Bug fix: The parallelization code was disabled.

clean_reads 0.2.0

clean_reads 0.2.0. Relased on 9-05-2011.


  • Univec_Core included as default BLAST vector database.
  • Default adaptors added to the 454 pipeline.
  • Option added to mask instead of clipping.
  • Several bugs fixed.

clean_reads 0.1

clean_reads 0.1. Relased on 28-04-2011.


  • Initial Release.

Feedback, positive or negative will be much appreciated.