Bioinformatics at COMAV


Five people compose the bioinformatic & genomic group at COMAV:

Jose Blanca

After doing a PhD on molecular genetics moved to the COMAV institute and has worked on plant genetic variation on several horticultural species and on bioinformatics. As a bioinformatician has experience on the sequence analysis, especially on transcriptomes.


Joaquin Cañizares

He did his PhD and postdoctoral research in human molecular genetics. After his incorporation to the COMAV institute, his research moved to plant genetics and breeding under a transcriptomic and genomic approach.


Javier Montero-Pau

He did his PhD on evolutionary ecology. Currently his research is focused on genomic variation and population structure of crop species and their wild relatives.


Peio Ziarsolo

Before coming to COMAV, he worked in protein docking interactions in The Bioinformatics group at Principe Felipe and in the Biochemistry department at Universidad de Valencia implementing a database for yeast macroarrays experiments.


Victor Garcia-Carpintero

He moved to the COMAV after obtaining a MSc in Bioinformatics. He has previous experience in the assembly and annotation of yeast genomes.



  • Laura Pascual
  • Pascual Ibiza