Bioinformatics at COMAV


Some of the software produced by the bioinformatic group at COMAV might be useful from other researchers. We make available with that hope.

Old and unused software


ngs_crumbs ngs_crumbs aims to be a collection of small ngs data processing utilities.


ngs_backbone is a bioinformatic application created to work on sequence analysis by using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and sanger sequences. It is capable of cleaning reads, do de novo assembly or mapping against a reference and annotate SNPs, SSRs, ORFs, GO terms and sequence descriptions.


clean_reads cleans Next Generation Sequencing reads from the following platforms: 454, Illumina, solid and Sanger.


sff_extract reads the information from the 454 sff files and stores the sequence, quality and adapter clips in fasta and xml files.


EST2uni was a tool similar to backbone, but unable to handle NGS data. EST2uni has been deprecated in favor of ngs_backbone.