NGS sequence analysis

The course deals with the analysis from NGS reads. The main topics are:

  • read quality control,

  • read cleaning,

  • assembly,

  • mapping,

  • SNP calling,


The lessons will be mostly practical with some theoretical introduction. Several exercises will be proposed to introduce to the students in a gradual way to the field. All software used in the course will be free software freely available in the web.

Despite that a small introduction to unix console usage is included in this course, could be interesting to the students to practice with the basic commands before. There are several interesting courses on line, such as:

Informática para las ciencias de la vida: Unix y Python

Unix Tutorial for Beginners

Although some topics related with the analysis of RNA samples, the quantification of the RNA expression will not be covered in this course.

Professors: Joaquín Cañizares Sales, Jose Blanca, Peio Ziarsolo


All presentations are available as google slides: NGS presentations


All linux software required to follow this course is available and installed in a Virtual Box image that you can freely download. All Windows software used in the course are free and available in the respective repositories.


Except where otherwise noted this course is licence under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.